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Grande Authentic Tortilla Chips, Salsa & Dips
The GRANDE story began in California circa 1951. Today, the GRANDE brand encompasses the most authentic Mexican food products available in the U.S. Our commitment to quality and tradition is evident in every bite of our crisp, hearty Tortilla Chips. Try them alone or with any of our uniquely flavorful salsas or dips!


Kettle Brand
Behold, the perfect chip. Pick one up. Turn it gently in your hand. Admire the character, the unique, individual shape, the beautiful tawny gold color. We gently cook our potatoes to perfection in the finest oils, and then gently season them with the freshest, all natural ingredients and spices, creating chips with deep, rich flavors and fresh-from-the-field character.


Pirate Brands
When you buy Pirate Brands products, you are getting wholesome goodness without the guilt.

As the leader of the healthy snacking revolution, we've created products for the whole family that are healthy, all natural, baked and delicious. We've eliminated fryers and trans fats from all of our products and keep the ingredients simple. Our only additives are just good fun.


Trail's Best
Variety. Trail's Best makes over 50 different sizes and types of beef jerky and healthy meat snacks. From our spicy Marinated Hot Beefsteak to the subtle Giant Teriyaki Stick to the Beef Jerky that's preferred more than 2 to 1 by consumers, there's a product to satisfy every appetite.

Quality. For over 65 years, superior quality meat products have been our trademark. Only the finest raw materials from America's Heartland are used in Trail's Best beef jerky and meat snacks.

Consistency. We've perfected our recipes to produce the most delicious, mouth-watering beef jerky and meat snacks every time. The net result is the highest quality, best tasting meat snacks in the industry. That means satisfied consumers who buy Trail's Best and Happy Trails meat snacks again and again.